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Courtesy-Healthy and Stylish

Modern lifestyle demands for confident and attractive personality. Women are smart enough to learn and understand the changing lifestyle. Makeup plays the major role in makeover of the personality. Women understand the need and purpose of makeup according to the occasion. Daily wear makeup gives sobers and attractive looks whereas party wear makeup is bold and impressive.

When the turn of makeup comes then foundation plays the major role as it is the base of any kind of makeup women put up. But the awareness of chemical presences in foundation had prevented women from applying makeup. As conventional foundation blocks the pores and prevent skin from breathing which results in early aging, wrinkles and other skin problems. With the changing scenario development had been made in cosmetic products and this has resulted in mineral foundation.

Mineral foundation comprises of natural minerals such as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mica. These minerals are healthy for skin and their regular use enhance the quality of skin. Mineral foundation does not clog the pores which results in skin to breathe even after applying foundation.

With the awareness among women the sale of mineral foundation has increased many folds. From common women to celebrities everyone is using mineral foundation. It has otherwise more natural look to the skin unlike conventional foundation and natural looks are now more demanded and liked than heavy makeup looks. Such benefits of mineral foundation have given it weight age over conventional foundation.

Foundation is an essential part of makeup. It is applied on face to give a uniform, even skin colour in order to cover up freckles, blemishes and marks. Foundations can be found in several forms. Some of the forms in which foundations are easily available are:

1. Liquid foundation

Liquid foundation is mostly oil free, water based and light in texture. It has a smooth and silky texture which makes it easy to blend with the natural colour of skin. It gives coverage that varies from light to medium. It also acts as a sun block. It can be used on almost every skin type, but is considered best for normal to oily skin type or a combination of both skin types. It can be worn on a daily basis.


2. Mineral Powder Foundation

Mineral foundation makeup is mostly found in the form of loose powder. It is made up of finely crushed minerals. It consists of titanium oxide and zinc oxide. It is free from preservatives and harsh chemicals. It has a very light texture. It gives coverage that varies from light to medium. It can be used by all skin types but works well for oily, acne prone and combination skin. It can be worn on a daily basis.

3. Cream Foundation

Cream foundation mostly consists of oil based ingredients. It is creamy and thick in texture. Mostly it is water proof and gives opaque coverage. It is used to cover every kind blemish, scar and patch on the skin. It is mostly used on normal to dry skin. It is considered to be the heaviest foundation among all types of foundations. It can be used with moisturizer to give a softer look. It has the best results when paired with translucent powder.

These are a few kinds of foundations that are famous amongst customers.