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A smart shopper is said to be one who knows exactly what he/she will buy. Any user of marijuana will likely want to buy good quality cannabis.

Like other consumer goods, marijuana products available in the market even those offered at portland dispensaries could eventually go bad. It is not that a reputable dispensary will try to sell you bad marijuana product and destroy its reputation, but if you are a smart buyer, you will meticulously look at the items you like to buy to make sure they are of great quality. You would be smart to look at how colorful it is.  

Marijuana is basically green, but some strains can have other colors such as orange, purple or red hairs. All these colors should look healthy if not vibrant. Look closely at its crystals and hairs. The more hairs and crystals marijuana has actually indicate how great an experience this can offer you. Can you smell the marijuana even if the bag is sealed? If the stuff smells quite potent, you would be smart to choose it. You will likewise be smart to invest on a vaporizer instead of a lighter. With a vaporizer, the stuff will only be heated at a temperature close to burning, but not necessarily burning the weed. Vaporized material is said to be better because no harmful components are released because there is no combustion.