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Before the surgery, the patient will be given IV so that he is provided with nutrients and fluids during the surgery. The patient is given anesthesia just before the surgery.

Along surgical cut is made above the knee during the surgery. The operation normally lasts for two hours. The skin and the muscle get pulled back and the doctor will cut the bone and the damaged cartilage.

The new knee joint is then affixed to the femur, or thighbone, and the main bone in the lower leg that is the tibia. This is done using pins and screws that are specialized for this purpose. The incision wound is then closed with stitches and a bandage is applied to it.

The patient will then be sent to the recovery room where the doctor will monitor him for any vital signs. If you are suffering from knee pain and your doctor has advised a knee joint surgery, then you could select from the affordable surgery packages available and book them online.

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Before the surgery, the doctor checks the health of the patient as well as his risk to anesthesia. The evaluation includes checking the full medical history of the patient and doing his physical examination. The patients’ blood test, X-ray, and other imaging tests are also carried out.

The doctor takes the patient’s complete medical history which includes any prior surgeries and also checks the health of the patient. The patient also needs to inform the doctor about any over the counter medication that he takes or if he takes any nutritional supplement.

He will also need to inform the doctor about any allergic reaction that he may have had to anesthesia in the past. This will let the doctor take the appropriate decision.

The patient may have to walk with the help of crutches or a walker for many weeks. It is thus important that he prepares his home like installing handles around the toilet and in showers and buying a footrest that can let keep the leg in an alleviated level.

The doctor will be giving out clear instructions on how to take care of post-surgery which needs to be followed for a speedy recovery.