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The land market in Turkey is faring much better compared to the UK real estate market within the surface of the international economic recession. Bodrum particularly has gained popularity with UK investors.

Being an emerging land market, prices are much lower compared to average over the EU. Which usually means that investing in a house in Turkey provides the capacity for significant capital profits, in addition to owning your dream holiday home.

Tourism in Turkey has improved steadily over the past couple of decades. The level of tourists ensures leasing income on land in Turkey is 5-10 percent. Lease income is very good coastal places. Visitors are attracted by the number of hours of sun and very low cost of living.

The chance for EU accession can be a very interesting aspect to consider related to land in Turkey. The anticipation that EU accession would help Turkey's market is a cause of optimism. Turkey's market has enjoyed continued growth since the wreck of 2001.

Housing improvements are also being assembled in accord with European regulations. It appears that Turkey is at a decent stage from the transition towards being a part state for real estate investors and home buyers in Turkey.

Turkey's standing away from the Euro Zone is appropriate to prospective land buyers. The existing exchange rate between the pound and the euro is made European nations much cheaper for Brits abroad.

Therefore, if you're interested in finding a solid home investment or some simply spot to really go and just forget about this downturn - investing in a property in Turkey may possibly offer a welcome ray of sun at those gloomy days.