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Because Lord knows that we could not do it ourselves. We do not have the skills or knowledge on how to properly clean one so we might have to leave this one to the ones who actually know what they are doing. And it definitely did not have anything to do with the fact that we could not be bothered. Nope. Help, we need carpet cleaners in Colorado Springs.

Yes, because sometimes we cannot do it ourselves. Even when we do have the time for it, we seldom actually clean everything. And it is not that we definitely even have to clean. There are just times when we have to do it even when we clearly do not want to. In fact, we could even hazard to say that we would rather eat our own limb than getting started on the arduous task of cleaning.

Because by God do we hate cleaning. This is why we would rather let other people handle it. And it worked for everyone too because the ones who know how to clean get paid for it and we would have just had to sit back and relax while they work it out. It is a definitive win win situation where everyone here gets something out of it.

the ones who will clean, and in this case, the carpet cleaners, will do what they were paid to do AND get paid for it well, and us, the lazy pieces of crap that could not even lift a finger just to do the task will get to be even lazier for the day. We think that this is a clear victory for everyone here.

And besides, once the whole chore is done then we would not have to be worrying about this for another long time. We can forget about it and not remember it until at the last minute when bugs have started to fester in the area again. This goddamned bugs.

We will always miss a spot or even be doing it wrong only because we lack any knowledge on how to really clean that carpet. So once again we hire the people who clean and pay them for it. And while we can argue that that is such a waste of money when you could save it by actually doing some of the chores ourselves, we would rather not to, okay?

Believe us when we say that we HAVE tried cleaning before and it is for that reason alone that we have abandoned that activity for those who do not hate it in any manner. Our course back then, which has something to do with Hotel management, requires us to know how to clean a hotel room and the bathroom.

Do you see where this is going? For four to five years, we had been told we should know how to clean so we could graduate. And when we had that on the job kind of training in a real hotel, we knew what hell finally felt like.

Dramatic? Yes. But when you are lazy trash of society like us, you know what to tackle and what to NOT tackle at all.