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Mayweather and McGregor met each other for the first time at the start of their press tour, but they immediately, effortlessly, fell into an Astaire-Rogers routine of bottom-of-the-boat, Dumpster-fire deep-diving. There is no good guy here: This is meant to inspire revulsion. With no actual boxing to sell, that is all that’s on the menu. Your hatred is part of the package. Your hatred is what’s keeping this machine cranking.

It almost feels beside the point to use this as another data point in the “boxing is dying” file. If anything, spectacles are the only things keeping boxing alive, like a sports TV network stopping its ratings from flatlining by screaming about Colin Kaepernick’s hair; when you have no other options, appeal to the worst of humanity, start banging loud things together, and see how many suckers you can con before somebody turns out the lights. But blaming the sport of boxing for this is short sighted: There are a lot of great boxers, from the all-around brilliance of Andre Ward to the knockout power of Gennady Golovkin to the electricity of Roman Gonzalez. But you’ve never heard of those people because the public is much more interested in watching two as*holes sling insults that seventh-graders are too woke to use at each other. Years of graft and corruption in the sport have led to this, of course, but we’re all happy lemmings jumping off the cliff.

The CEO of Mayweather Promotions, a man named Leonard Ellerbe, gave up the game in one of the “press conferences” in a Trump–to–Lester Holt fashion. “This shot is big,” he said, according to Deadspin. “You can’t get mad at us. We figured this shot out. We figured out a way to take this to another level. We did this! It’s called entertainment. We’re in a society now that it’s what people want to see. People are intrigued about the Kardashians!”

And of course he’s right: Like Trump, we’ve caught them all red-handed, but we just sort of blink dumbly and go along with it all anyway. This ridiculousness, this abomination — we’re so disgusted by it that we’re going to give Floyd Mayweather, a horrible person, more than a hundred million or so to bat around for a few minutes a guy who doesn’t really know how to box. The only reason baseball and football and basketball haven’t reached this level is because they’re not as desperate as boxing (and Mayweather) is. But give them time. When you have nothing to sell, sell the spectacle. This is just the start.

There are various transportation solutions that provides outstanding options for residential and commercial needs.

Nowadays many companies are offering door to door solutions. They are eager to provide a customized solution as they can understand their business needs. Many companies have wide range of vehicles like forklift moffett,  hiab trucks that helps to do the task in easy ways. Depending upon where you want the goods to be transport. For this you will need to schedule at least 48 hour turnaround period. For logistics and transportation an efficient transportation sytem is required to transport the materials. Many manufacturing industries are nowadays using these services in order to transfer raw materials to production sites and finished goods to place of consumption.

While choosing the transport service make sure to take care of following things:

Reputation: Check the reputation of the company by looking at the company’s website and checking the customer’s testimonials. Make sure the company is registered and certified. In this way you can choose a reliable company for transport.

Cost: Just make sure to check the cost of the service that are provided by the company. If the cost of service provider suits you,then only make them do your work.

Certified drivers and insured vehicles: make sure the company you are dealing with has certified and experienced drivers. Make sure that the company has insured vehicles or not.

Contact your service provider and know their abilities: Once you have list of service providers just make sure that they fulfill your requirements. Just contact and mail them and convey them your needs and request further information about them.

As technologies improve, these logistic solutions are likely to become affordable. Many large organizations are depending in these systems. Logistic services are nowadays widely used in aviation industry and portal department. The US army also uses these services to enable transportation of various materials like relief materials during the time of natural calamities like earthquakes and floods. 

It is a common misconception that most of the street art is done using just spray paints. However, the truth behind all the amazing walls is not just one medium, but a combination of different materials result in the making of the designs we see.

Courtesy-Street Art NYC

Different types of materials are used in the making of graffiti art designs; here is a list of common materials that graffiti artists use regularly in their work:

1. Paint Markers

This product was produced by a fellow graffiti artist for others as he was not satisfied with the items available in the market. There is a wide range of bright colours available for artists to use.

2. Acrylic Based Markers

These markers are acrylic based and they dry quickly before rain or any other thing ruins them. These are multi-purposed, long lasting and can be used on any surface.

3. Spray paints

These come in different shapes and sizes with an array of colours to choose from. Spray paints are odourless so they are studio friendly; however their long lasting and weather resistant qualities make them ideal for outdoor usage.

4. Mural Paints

Mural paints can be mixed with water and once they dry out they become permanent and water resistant. The colours can be mixed to make new unique colours and can be removed using soap. So if you ever make a mistake you always have a solution.

Other than types of paints and markers, often graffiti artists use fabric and papers as well.

Cheap hotel bookings are now very easy to search and book too. You only need to plan your schedule up for your outing or vacations.

Staying at home you can enjoy the benefits of getting cheap Chiang Rai hotel for your cheap stay and you may enjoy to your fullest. Browse through internet and produce a keen search and you will see selections of websites that provide really cheap prices for many hotels' booking.

You only need to compare the prices of different hotels of your vacation spot or business trip and you may find the best pocket friendly and finest suiting hotel for you and your family or dear ones.

All the holiday spots during the holiday season are filled with tourists' traffic. All the cities have lavish hotels that are very costly and just high class people could afford them. But through online search or travel agent everyone can get inexpensive hotel reservations for their budget.

Saving money on your trip is extremely essential else it will imbalance your monthly expenses. So you should always plan your schedules and budget for your holidays whether it being at any place.

Online booking style is the most utilized mode of hotel and ticket booking that has made life so easy for everybody. Through the discounted offers which are given time to time all of the vacation seekers can often go for vacations and also without investing much from their pocket. have a simple search form where you can fill your requirements up like the date of going and returning, length of your stay and in which area of the town you would like the hotel. Hotel reservations beforehand can be more beneficial to you. If you've already decided your entire plan like where you want to go and for how much time then attempt to get your hotel reservation early. This will make your travel easy and comfortable.

Are you looking for the best car hire services for the school formals? Are you looking for a grand and luxurious limos for the wedding? If your answer is “yes” then, you need to seek out Sydney chauffeured cars to create lasting impression on your friends, guests.

There is no denying that Sydney is one of the most blessed places that are constantly buzzing with novelty and great night life. You can also be part of breath-taking events when you have the exquisite car to meet the party vibes of the special occasions. You will be thrilled to explore the endless options in amazing cars that you can seek to add splendour to everything.

It is imperative that you seek the following aspects of the services that you are seeking:

  • Make sure that you are seeking the company that is providing stretch limousine hire Sydney at affordable prices.
  • Seek the providers that meet your mist discerning demands in terms of top class condition of the cars & limousine.
  • Explore the website to go through the collection and see if your desired car is available in the fleet or not.
  • Check the reviews given by the differentclients so that you can have clear idea of what to expect from the car hire.
  • Take time out to know about the complimentary services that the company is offering so that you can have the right worth of the investment.
  • Have knowledge about the experience of the chauffeur as it is not only the matter of your comfort during your ride but also your security.
  • Check that the company is providing last minute booking facility so that you never miss onto the fun that these exclusive cars has to offer to you!

Luckily, there are many providers in Sydney that are making sure that your special occasions become all the more grand and spectacular with the presence of perfect cars. So explore now!


Food is what gets us going. It recharges us and makes us energetic. To give a break from our normal routine life, we go out with our friends and family to dine in and savour delicacies. It refreshes us and gives us a boost to work further well.


If you have tried and are done with the regular eateries of the city, the Thai food should be next on your wish list. Thai restaurant in Melbourne is not only different from the regular food you are used to at home, but also has unique blend of flavours that you might have never tried.

  • Relishing Taste That Lingers: Thai food is famous for its rich aroma and depth of flavours that is sure to carry you away. It has a smooth texture that is both moist on your taste buds but also leaves you craving for more. It is prepared by chefs who are into Thai food industry for years and have inherent talent to produce a world-class Thai dish. It is surely appetizing and leaves you fulfilled and satiated.
  • Excellent Quality of Service: the service provided to you throughout your meal will be like never before the waiters will be around you all the time and will be helping you to decide the menu if you want the truth I touch in your meal just ask your waiter your meal to be ‘Thai Prepared’.

 Try the restaurant today for a spicy and lavish treat. 

Just a few months ago, people celebrated the New Year. It was all hunky-dory until the time came to clean up after the party was over. This is the time in which the host starts cursing his/her necessity to host the party. This is a time-consuming process, and most of the people do not look forward to it. However, this is a vital task that needs to be done in order to prepare for the next day. To ensure that the cleaning work can be done very fast, you could make use of party streamers to decorate the ceiling of the venue.

The use of the party streamers ensures that you can easily get them off after the party is over. The best part about the party streamers is that it is a cost-effective purchase, and you can purchase a whole lot of party streamers within the shortest budget possible. There are no possible concerns or problems in using party streamers, and that is probably the reason why most of the people still like to use the party streamers. After all, it is this particular product that can bring about an immense amount of change to the overall decor of the party venue in question.

If you're tired of the same foods on your campouts, you may wish to try self-heating meals. They will give you a quick and hearty meal with no need to build a campfire.

Ideal for those rainy campouts or if it's snowing. No need to find wood or a heat source, these are self-heating and all you have to do is open the heat package and activate it. 

You'll have a hearty meal in about 10 minutes and you will love it. These meals were designed for the U.S. Military and offer up anywhere from 600 to 3000 calories per meal depending on which variety you've chosen.

These are lightweight and very easy to pack or carry. Stuff them in the nooks and crannies of your camper or car or your camping gear and you'll have plenty for your entire trip without having to take up a lot of space.

Affordable and easy to use you'll love the convenience. Everyone can take their favorite foods and you won't have to stress over cooking and doing the dishes.

Imagine actually relaxing on your next campout. You'll have more fun and be able to actually enjoy your trip.

Focus on spending time with your family and you'll have a hearty meal at the ready when everyone is hungry. Regardless of where you're at, you can have it ready in minutes so go ahead and go on that hike and enjoy yourself.

You can buy these by the case and there are so many different flavors that you'll have many great options. Everyone can enjoy their favorite foods and it won't cost you a fortune. 

Hikers will love these as well. They're easy to take along and even the smallest of hikers can carry a few of them since they're so lightweight.

It is very unusual that you will ever have to pay the full brochure price for a luxury cruise nowadays because there are always plenty of luxury cruise lines offering discount cruises and cruise deals.

Here are my tips for easily finding even better cruise bargains for cruises that suit your travel requirements. With so many cruise deals out there getting a discount from the advertised prices should be comparatively easy however, there are a few things you should consider before diving in and just booking the first cruise deal you come across.You can book Halong Bay private cruises via Halong Bay Tours.

If you want a peaceful, romantic cruise away from the kids for a week it's no good booking on a family activity cruise tailored to non-stop entertainment and activity.

Cruises can be fairly complex to book, so when it comes to cruising undoubtedly the best option is to use a specialist or your own preferred travel agent. A reliable travel agent will listen to your requirements and provide solutions for your travel needs to the best of their ability.

They might not be the complete cheapest on every occasion they will, over time, provide the most consistent, proficient, good, long-term and best travel experiences for you within your budget.

Golf might be an old game, but it is no stranger to technological invention. The next golf accessories will help provide you with a competitive advantage over other players and enhance your game. There are selections for the internal golf geek who adores the hottest and biggest out in the marketplace.

The Arccos Drive Operation Tracking System is the very best in strain when monitoring systems are involved. Your carton has a detector that twists to the very top of your driver's shaft when you make your order. The detector creates a minimal profile and adds negligible weight to your own golf club. Open the Arccos program in your cellular device and pair via BlueTooth when the senor is affixed. The program will automatically discover which golf course you are playing at and have before you begin playing your round you choose several options. You will have the ability to monitor several stats, including space, wherever your ball properties, in case you miss right or left, etc. Plus it is going to give you your handicap. In the event that you need to improve at your game it is an excellent training assistance.


The TLink GPS golfers Watch is a trendy multifunctional device that functions as a smart watch which links to your own smartphone. The watch shows back yardages to the green, mid, and front right in your wrist that upgrade automatically on the golf course so that you've got the most exact yardages. Monitors all your golf stats like greens, putts, fairways, and your score. At the conclusion of every hole, your score tips can be entered by you on your own TLink and develop a customized digital scorecard.


The Izzo Swami 4000 GPS packages plenty of innovative technology into one streamlined package. This apparatus is prepared to ue over 25,000 filled courses has that are and with from the carton a vibrant color display that's east to work and read. This really is only one of the most effective dollar for dollar golf GPS units in the marketplace now.

Together with the rhythm that is right, it is possible to make efficient and consistent putts. The Orange Whip Setting Wand guides speed control, with alignment, and building the appropriate putting stroke. It easily fits making practicing inside and outside not inconvenient to gain the confidence needed seriously to make all putts.


The Club Glove Microfiber Towel is the best ball cleaning option for both dry as well as wet states. Each towel includes a fitting pocket towel that is free. The merchandise is double-sided groove brush using a carabiner clip in order to attach it to your own bag. Make use of this brush if you want to correctly clean your golf clubs by scraping off those difficult-to-remove hunks of soil or grass. Your golf clubs will not look dirty of brushing after several swift strokes.

Relish your golf don’t spend time worrying about your golf clubs and excursions.

They may be permanent, and last more than old fashioned wooded tees. While the layout lends itself the big cup of the Martini Tee allows you to tee up the golf ball.


Constant Return MatLearn all facets of setting using the SKLZ Vari-Break Mat. Putting is about being consistent and smooth, which mat can help together with your set up. Its surface creates a lifelike green, mimicking real life putting scenarios. Use it for rate and its perfect swing plane. It provides you with the capacity to contour the green for just about any putt. Alter the angle to mimic uphill, downhill, left, and right. At 3 feet broad, the mat goes 11 feet long. Guaranteed to construct your self-confidence and enhance your putting exponentially.


Practicality is a crucial variable in picking a present that is great, but the greatest golf presents for guys would be the ones with both quality building and standout fashion. It is what takes it from being something he will enjoy to something he will love.