Another Lengthy Discussion About Divorce And Lawyers

Ah, yes, because apparently everyone needs one of these lawyers. Every single couple in the world happens to be either unfaithful to each other now or just really unfaithful in their own relationships. They either get tired of the same face for over a few months or just did not really love their partner so they go through the whole headache of divorce. And then hire Divorce Lawyers in New Bedford.

Our world is not known to be nice nor pretty. We make all these stories and movies that say about happy ending especially in the department of love. Well, this is not really true and even if you can argue that there are some that actually found true love that is REAL, that is still on the minor side of things.

And the majority side prevails no matter how you look at it. Because love does not apparently matter after marriage. And that is just what the thing you need to know before you go on and decide about marrying someone.

Maybe you want to do it for financial reason or because you want to brag to all your friends that you are not hitched. Or maybe it is for a spiteful reason which we seriously could not blame you for, as someone who moves, inhales and spits spite.

Look, the world may not be perfect but the least we could do is make it bearable, right? So what you are doing, by marrying quickly and then regretting it afterward due to the fights and the gross things you just found out about each other and then hiring an expensive lawyer to get the divorce done and just ruining your whole social life?

Is that like a standard no ways? To be married and then divorced for like three times? Because not going to lie here, but that sounds like a little demeaning. You seem more like a skank in the eyes of a lot of us. And maybe a little undesirable because you already went through a couple of marriages but only ended up being divorced again and again.

Does that not mean that your husbands or wives did not like you and your bad attitude? How is that going to look on your profile when you finally decide that you want to settle down with someone? Are you just going to get married AGAIN and then get divorced once again? Because like we said, there is not move after marriage if this is the case.

Not when things become petty and real and all that promise about loving each other forever actually is a waste and a bunch of trash.Try not to take that seriously when you are actually very much in love and happy right now.

Just know that you are one of the lucky few to actually achieve love when the rest of us are struggling and really fitful about this. Or maybe we are not really faithless. Maybe we actually are just trying to look for the one that was supposed to be ours but kept meeting other people instead.

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