Purchasing Media for an Inkjet Wide-Format Printer

When you possess a wide-format printer, whether it is for your office, your studio or your printing shop trade, it is a complete must that you usage the correct kind of print intermediate for your printer. After all, not all wide-format printers are similar.

Some wide-format printers operate with newspaper.  Some are intended for printing on materials.  Some are more targeted towards working together with solvent inks for printing signage. You can also buy large format printers for sale via http://www.inkjetmonkey.com/large-format-printers

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In case your wide-format printer is an inkjet printer, then it's even imperative that you're finicky about your selection of printing medium.  It needs to be the sort that's suitable for your printer.  Not only will this make sure that the print quality is going to be excellent, but additionally, it will avoid any damage to your own printer heads.

How can you opt for the ideal printing medium to your wide-format inkjet printer?  Here are a couple tips.

  1. Check the manual. Before you do work in your own printer, you have to understand just what sorts of printing mediums your printer takes.
  2. Assess your RIP program. Your raster image processing applications or RIP is your translator between you and your own printer.  You use this program to speak with your printer and let it exactly what you wish to do.

3.  Use mediums that are coated.  In case your wide-format printer is an inkjet printer, then you're better off with mediums which have a coated inkjet receptor coating.

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