What Is Strategic Public Relations?

Many small business folks continue to be under the belief that the principal goal of public relations would be to create free advertising by stripping plenty of press releases.

Any Fantastic PR specialist for real estate business will tell you that this particular Idea is untrue and wrongheaded for 2 Chief reasons:

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* PR isn't free and it was liberated. A business must pay somebody or any service a significant salary or commission to develop and implement a successful public relations program.

* PR isn't and never was advertisements.

Maybe developing a press launch and using the media pick up it may be misconstrued as the free promotion -- particularly in the event that you score a couple of column inches in a respectable newspaper or trade publication.

Think about that: you obtained a reference about the size of a small ad in the regional paper. Nevertheless, it was not free and it's not advertising.

And it is very important to point out, in regards to tactical PR, that creating media releases and getting them picked up from the media is among those low-ball components of a successful PR program.

The tactical aim of a successful PR program would be to handle your many distinct publics' awareness and view of your company and its management staff.

PR is a concentrated effort to gain and keep positive, ongoing relationships with all the people and institutions that affect your business's specific sphere of presence.

Press releases will be the most persuasive part of this entire effort. Your clients and other public understand you created the releases and did everything you can to convince the press to print the info which they contain.

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