Place of Attractions in Chiang Mai

Chiangmai has grown into among the greatest & most important holiday destinations in Thailand.  Chiangmai and the surrounding areas have come to be the financial hub for Northern Thailand, the town closely keeps conventional civilization and preserves that a powerful conventional handicrafts industry in spite of the modern planet.

Chiangmai is located at the bottom of Doi Suthep, among those hills forming the southern extent of this Himalayas range.Doi Inthanon, the maximum mountain in Thailand, is located only 1.5 hrs south of Chiangmai.You can enjoy the Chiang Mai tours adventurously and there are very places to visit in Thailand.

Approximately 70 percent of this state is in a woods area including 13 National Parks along with other neighboring parks.This prosperity of organic resource has blessed with a broad array of activities and attractions.As a result of its highland location, the current weather in Chiangmai through-out that the season is slightly cooler compared to southern sections of Thailand.

The average day temperature is roughly 25 degrees Celsius and lowers in cold. In cold temperatures, natural plant flourishes together with amazing winter blossoms that enter into blossom chiefly in the winter season.For both foreign and local people, it's famed because of its fascinating all-natural attractions.

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