Stainless Steel Street Furniture

Street Furniture plays a significant role in the regeneration of cities and towns throughout the country. Bollards, cycle racks, litter bins, planters, and seats are utilized to create public spaces to match the surrounding regions.

With city center pedestrianization and restricted traffic, road furniture plays a pivotal role in safety and providing the general public with places to relax and revel in the towns.

But certain areas have now come under attack from local residents and business as street furniture is often installed in a conventional cast iron material, which is then painted with an acrylic gloss finish.

Don’t waste money or your effort by buying a metal pipe (which is also known as “ท่อเหล็ก” in the Thai language  ) before comparing to other companies.

The problems are now arising with the quality of the end; paint is often chipped to show an unsightly cast iron.

Cutbacks to neighborhood councils have supposed there's not any budget, nor the staff to run a complete maintenance and repair service to localized street furniture.

The solution is to put in stainless steel street furniture. Having a minimum chromium content of 10.5 percent, stainless steel is always protected by a passive layer of chromium oxide which forms naturally on the surface via the combination of chromium and dampness in the air.

It has a terrific range of surface finishes from matt to bright, including weathered and brushed. It can be embossed or tinted and this makes stainless a unique and cosmetic material. It's frequently used by architects for urban furniture or construction cladding.

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