The Complexities of Child Support and Child Custody During Divorce

A Closer Look into Intricate Details of Child Custody and Support During Divorce

Divorce proceedings can be quite complex and aspects such as child custody, as well as child support, can increase complexity of the case even further. As such, you should hire a knowledgeable divorce lawyer to get guidance on the right steps to take. 
In this context, we will look at important aspects related to child custody and the support that you need to understand before divorce proceedings start.

Divorce and Child's Custody

divorce lawyerParents can use the help of a divorce lawyer to create a consent order or separation agreement which clearly specifies who will be responsible for care, custody, as well as physical control of child. This responsibility can be shared by parents together or by any one of the parents. However, if parents do not agree, they can go to court so that court can decide who will be responsible for custody of the child. At the time of making a decision the court will always have child's best interest in mind.

Divorce and Child Support

Amount of Child Support: It is the responsibility of both parents to provide financial support to their children according to income they earn. At the time of divorce, the parent getting custody of the child gets payments for child support from the other parent so that the financial needs of children can be met properly. The amount the parent has to pay in terms of child support is based on Federal Child Support Guidelines.

Child Support Calculation

Child support a parent has to pay is based upon the annual income of parent who has the responsibility of making payments, and the number of children to be supported,You need to discuss this aspect with your divorce lawyer to fully understand the child support payment you will have to make. 
Moreover, you and your partner can agree upon child support payment as described in the Federal Child Support Guidelines and also decide how you will share the cost of the child’s special expenditures. Some special expenditures you will have to consider are:
• Daycare Costs
• Medical costs
• Schooling 
• Cost of extracurricular activities, such as sports and clubs
However, if an agreement cannot be reached between parents about how much child support payment should be, then the matter will be solved by the court.
In addition, if certain circumstances change, your divorce lawyer can request the court to vary the child support payment.

Termination of Child Support:

Normally, child support is to be paid until the time the child is considered to be independent. Usually, children remain dependent up to their age of majority which is nineteen years.
However, judge can order child support to be continued in case it is considered necessary. Some examples of circumstances where child support can be extended include any specific disability which stops the child from becoming independent, or when the child is attending university.

In Conclusion

To conclude it can be said that child custody and support are topics which you need to pay attention to at the time of divorce. This would be the right time to appoint a divorce lawyer to get valuable advice which will help you take right decisions.

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